Kromatix PV Modules

Modules Performance

A multi-layered coating is deposited on the inner glass surface by low pressure plasma processes. Its constitutive materials are exclusively characterized by high solar transmittance, minimal absorption and high durability. No pigments or dyes are used so that the color does not fade out with the passage of time or due to sun exposure.

The colored appearance results from the reflection of a narrow spectral band in the visible part of the solar spectrum. The rest of the solar radiation is transmitted to the solar panel to be converted into energy. The colored coating stacks are optimized to offer the best values between color intensity and solar panel efficiency.

Model KR 40 cells GG44 Kromatix

Model KR 36 cells GG44 Kromatix

Model KR 60 cells GG44 Kromatix

Model KR 32 cells GG44 Kromatix

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