Festo Automation Center

German automation company Festo creates engineering-driven designs, from 3D-printing robots and remote-controlled flying objects to automated designs that use biomimicry to catch the wind. The firm now has a brand new office building that is equally innovative. The 67-meter-high (220 feet), diamond-shaped office building has a reinforced concrete structure consisting of 16 floors. Located in Southern Germany, Festo’s Automation Center features a smart automated glass facade and Kromatix™ grey solar glass on its diamond shaped roof installed by Antec.

Project Details

Location: Esslingen am Neckar, Germany

Kromatix™ Glass: Grey

Surface Area: 224 sqm / 2411 sq/ft

Installed capacity: 33 kWp 

Kromatix™ SA
Route de la Maillarde 5
1680 Romont – Switzerland

Phone: +41 26 652 80 83

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